Harisch Studios, a neighborhood institution for over seventy years, proudly photographs many local schools, including this year, Maspeth High School. Recent revelations and additional conversations with the school about the way that local Catholic school students were unfairly discriminated against in the admissions process for Maspeth High School disappointed Harisch Studios to the point that they have informed the school they no longer wish to continue as a vendor. Mark Moss, President of Harisch Studios, said, “All students, regardless of where they have gone to grammar and middle school, should be able to apply on equal footing for seats in local public schools. We strongly believe in the public, private and parochial school systems, and are saddened when one group is unfairly targeted. The children of the community should never be the ones who suffer; neglecting to submit the Catholic school students' names, along with the fact that they attended open houses or information sessions, causes harm to our local students, and teaches them the wrong lesson.”

“We are grateful that the Department of Education attempted to correct the error in judgement; but, an operating philosophy that permits this to occur is one that has to be dramatically changed before the community will again have the trust in the school and the system,” Moss continued. Harisch Studios is a family owned and operated photography studio, serving the community from the same location since 1946, Local businesses, schools, churches, and families have used the services of Harisch Studios for generations, and continue to do so. Located on Myrtle Avenue in Ridgewood, Harisch hopes to continue to support local groups and causes for decades to come.