After 8 long years in storage, St. Saviour’s Church is making headlines again. Out of the blue, 2 TV stations and 2 newspapers called JPCA to inquire about the status of the project. CBS 2 and Fox News both sent reporters out to the Galasso Trucking lot to interview us about the preserved disassembled wood and to All Faiths Cemetery which has generously offered a piece of land on which to site the building. You may recall that millions of dollars in capital money had been allocated toward purchasing the original Rust Street site of the church and the required ULURP was a mere $50,000 away from being funded which would have kicked off the acquisition process. Instead of locating this money, Council Member Elizabeth Crowley fumbled the ball on the 1-yard line by falsely asserting that a vacant lot at 64th Street and Maspeth Avenue owned by Martin Luther High School was available on which to site a park and reconstruct the building. The school said no, the city walked away from both sites, Maspeth was denied a park and now there is a gigantic warehouse complex on the original site.
Hopefully we will soon have some real representation in the City Council and the project can get back on track at All Faiths.