It's always fun to see a familiar location featured on TV or in a movie, but filming complaints are increasing as production teams are more frequently “finding” our area. We have made some contacts at the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting (MOFTB) and have been working with them to resolve issues that arise. On April 20, the upcoming Netflix series “Seven Seconds” was due to return to 66th Street and Grand Ave for the latest in a string of exterior shoots that had taken place over several months. When a production films in one location repeatedly, it can have major detrimental effects on local businesses and the availability of parking. Their food cart had also taken up roughly ¾ of the sidewalk on Grand Avenue. The MOFTB relayed our concerns to the location manager and later that day he responded and assured us that there would only be one more night of filming in Maspeth sometime in the future and that the issue of the blocked sidewalk would never happen again. And it didn't. Making inroads with City agencies is something that the civic is very good at and we have found it leads to faster resolution than by calling 311 or the community board office as it cuts out the bureaucracy and the middlemen.