If anyone hired a roofer after they rang your doorbell please call us at (718) 651-5865. The Juniper Park Civic Association will send a licensed neighborhood roofer FREE OF CHARGE to your house to check the roof. Robert Holden just uncovered another woman who was victimized. A phony roofer charged a senior on 70th Street near Eliot Avenue $4,000 for a rubber roof. He just sprayed the roof with a light coating of silver paint that did nothing. That's the third scam we uncovered. After seeing TV reports mentioning his name, the roofer calling himself “C. Johnston” refunded the money via a bank check mailed from a Florida address. After some debate as to whether or not these types of offenses were criminal or civil matters, the 104th Pct assigned Officer James Fleming to spearhead the investigation. He managed to get partial refunds for 2 residents scammed by a second roofer who is using the name “J. Johnston”. As of press time Fleming is still working on the case but there still have not been any arrests made. Spread the word and NEVER accept an unsolicited offer for home repairs from anyone.