Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy Says Good Bye to Their Principal

Ms. Michele Krebs, the principal of Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy, is following her lifetime dream of opening a daycare center. The pastor, faculty, parents, and students honor her years of service and love to the community of Our Lady of Hope. A member of the faculty of Our Lady of Hope School since 1977, Michele began as a student teacher, took the position of 8th Grade English Language Arts teacher, then as a kindergarten teacher, followed by Assistant Principal, and finished her career as Principal. Always professional in her dedication to the children entrusted to her school, she worked diligently with the pastor, Father Michael A. Carrano, the Diocese of Brooklyn, and her teachers to develop the best programs which would most benefit the children's academic, religious, moral, emotional, and physical development. Her fundraisers benefitted the school's programs and added fun to the children's school experiences. Always recognizing Our Lady of Hope School's Catholic identity, she promoted opportunities for worship at Mass, prayer services, and sacrament preparations, through participation in the school's religious education under the auspices of Father Carrano. Ms. Krebs has been a role model for the children, a source of strength to their parents, and a friend to her faculty. She will be missed. We wish her all the best in her new journey of day care.

For the past eight years I have had the pleasure of working with Miss Krebs. From the very beginning, Michele has been a model of extreme professionalism, courtesy, integrity and a guide in Catholic identity for our academy. We have worked very well together. Miss Krebs has always placed the spiritual, academic, and social needs of the students first. Also, she has made every effort to provide the excellent faculty with all the tools and resources they needed to make learning a joy and a challenge while enhancing the teachers' professional development. Her door has always been open to the parents with their many concerns, and she has never faltered in being a great leader here at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy. I wish her many joys and successes in her new endeavor.

God bless you, Miss Krebs.
Rev. Michael A. Carrano