ParkNYC is an easy and convenient way to pay for onstreet parking and municipal parking lots using a mobile phone or web browser. There is no need to place a receipt on your dashboard when you pay by this method. You can also extend your parking time remotely, up to the maximum time allowed. Look for the ParkNYC Zone number on the parking meter or parking signs and enter it in to the ParkNYC app to get started. Then enter the amount of time you wish to park and confirm to complete your transaction. Each side of the street on each block has a unique zone number associated with it. Identify the unique zone number on signs at each end of the block as well on the parking meter. Use the zone number on the side of the street where your vehicle is parked to avoid a parking summons. ParkNYC allows you to buy the same increments of time as the meter. Confirm the details of your parking session and start time to complete the transaction in the app. For more information, visit