This comes from the Queens Chronicle:

“Is Liz Crowley here? Who’s that?” [Brian] Barnwell asked the crowd on Aug. 19 [2016]. “The fact is [Crowley, Markey and state Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr.] haven’t showed up to give us an update and it’s atrocious.”

“You guys stopped this. The elected officials didn’t stop this,” Barnwell said on Sept. 10 [2016], after the city announced it would not convert the entire hotel into a shelter. “They haven’t stood with us. And it’s not the first time they haven’t stood with us.”

In addition, Barnwell had sent several constituents text messages deriding Crowley and her bogus lawsuit to stop the shelter. Since Robert Holden announced his campaign in April of this year, Barnwell had sworn to both the press and his constituents that he would remain neutral and that he doesn't make endorsements.

This past August 22nd, Barnwell had this to say in a Crowley press release: “For the last eight years, Elizabeth Crowley has been a tireless fighter for our community. She stood with us against the Mayor to oppose the disastrous homeless shelter proposal for the Maspeth Holiday Inn,” Barnwell’s statement reads. “This is the kind of leadership that Elizabeth Crowley brings to the Council, and I’m proud to endorse her re-election and stand with her on the issues that matter to our families.”

You can draw your own conclusions.