On September 27th, the Hon. Allan B. White issued the following ruling on Citizen for a Better Maspeth's Article 78 to force the City of New York to turn over documents relating to the planned conversion of the Maspeth Holiday Inn Express into a shelter: “It is ORDERED and ADJUDGED that the petition is granted solely to the extent that respondents are directed to provide petitioner with copies of the Request For Proposals that were received in connection with the proposal to convert the subject Holiday Inn Express to a homeless shelter, and any and all plans submitted along with the RFPs which demonstrate that the space would be a conforming use under the Zoning Resolution.” This is great news, because this information can be provided to the landlord to strengthen its lawsuit against the hotel owners and may also be used in further legal action brought by the community due to the hotel's violation of the manufacturing zone. The part of CBM's petition that was denied related to a request for stats from DHS that showed how many homeless came from Maspeth and surrounding areas. CBM is submitting a revised FOIL request to obtain that information.