On July 1st, the M train stations in our area were shut down for 2 months and replaced with 3 shuttle bus lines. We’re happy to report that problems were minimal and many reported smooth rides to the J and L trains. Now we are in the midst of phase 2, with school back in session and a change in the plan. Since Sept 2nd, the M train has been running in 2 segments. The first runs from Metropolitan Avenue to Wyckoff Avenues. It does not run between Wyckoff Ave and Myrtle -Broadway. To continue along the M line, you have to switch to a shuttle bus which stops at the subway stations along the M route. You have the opportunity to transfer to an L train at Wyckoff Avenue to continue on to Manhattan. There have been some highly crowded platforms since Labor Day and a noticeable deterioration in shuttle bus service as well. This work is expected to wrap up in April 2018.