September 26th, the JCPA participated in a tree planting at Juniper Valley Park in memory of Anastasia Kostaris of Middle Village who died earlier this year of childhood cancer. Many volunteers came out to the event that helped raise awareness of childhood cancer, which affects more than 15,000 children each year in the U.S. and claims the lives of 1/4 of them. While fighting the cancer the Kostaris/Lambros family had to travel to Pennsylvania, where Anastasia received metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.MIBG therapy is not available in NYC. In an effort to carry on Anastasia’s loving and warm spirit, it is our hope that we may raise funds so that the wonderful staff at Cohen Children’s Medical Center may soon be able to offer MIBG therapy to infants and children in need here in New York. About $250,000 is needed. So far about $100,000 has been raised. To donate to Cohen's Children's Medical Center in Anastasia's memory, please visit or contact Christina at Harry’s Hardware on Eliot Avenue.