Spilled Cement

This is not only an eyesore, but also a trip hazard. This concrete spill is pretty hard to miss, yet when it was reported to DOT, they responded that they couldn’t find the problem. They then told Assembly Member Barnwell that they referred the case to DEP. Concrete mixers seem to frequently have incidents all over Grand Avenue.

Graffiti Nightmare

This building at 61-19 Grand Avenue has been under construction for quite some time. There still is no business at group level despite the owner claiming that a day care center would move in so that he could legally build larger than what is allowed. In the meantime, vandals spray paint graffiti all across the walls and windows and no one cleans up after them.

Dumping dopes

Junked cars still line Flushing Avenue at 59th Street, although the presence of a newly built park triangle deters sidewalk parking for the most part. But slobs who see the wrecks at the curbs assume that no one cares and they frequently dump trash there as well.