I Remember Mama

Graduating from college,
they called my name,
as I walked across the stage,
my mother stood up and screamed:
That’s my son!
The whole assembly applauded.

B/B (Belly Button)

Neglected curly little dimple in a belly
A cord once connected one to one
Fed, nurtured, sustained, fostered
Button makes whole
Perfect quality
Consummated life

Pancakes in Heaven

We were weary over our trip up.
We had to take altitude medicine before we ascended.
St. Peter served us pancakes before we made our grand entrance through those pearly gates to meet all the angels.
The air is fresh up here, clean, a joy to breathe in. The sun is warm, pleasant, serene.
It is the first time we all felt no fear, anxiety, tension, stress. We were all given a choice of pancakes for breakfast:
Sweet angel’s delight,
Amen fluffy and Light,
Out of this world with sinless blueberries,
Holy Immaculate raspberries,
Pumpkin’s fourth commandment is served with honey
and whipped cream.
During breakfast, we introduced ourselves, We explained why we should pass into heaven.
We promised we would look after those below. As we sang, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.”
Then, told, “Go to Hell.”