Stockholm Street between Woodward and Onderdonk Avenues in Ridgewood is a beautiful block. Back in the 1980s, the DOT wanted to replace the yellow brick pavers that line the road with asphalt. Residents fought to keep them and the people prevailed. In 2000, Councilmember Tom Ognibene supported landmarking of the block as an historic district. Again, the people prevailed. However, lately, things are not so sunny on Stockholm Street. What has been described as a sinkhole has opened up at the northern end of the block. Over the holidays, the DOT and DEP filled the hole with asphalt multiple times after it repeatedly sunk. The DEP reportedly looked underground with a camera and found no leaky pipes, making the cause of the sinkhole a mystery. The lovely bricked street has become an eyesore. There are no plans to permanently correct the problem at this time. Because of the landmark designation, the city is required to restore the street to its original appearance when the work is finally done but it’s anyone’s guess when that will be.