Does it really matter who wins the Presidency in 2016 or is it as some people claim merely window dressing in order to placate the people by those possessing the real power; puppet masters created out of an alliance between corporations and big government?
Courtesy of the Bush Administration’s lies regarding the immediate need to go to war with Iraq, outraged voters turned to Barack Obama and the promise of “Hope and Change.” But instead of transparency, unity and fiscal responsibility, the American people were once again subjected to deception and endured out-of-control spending, racial division and the most opaque, scandal riddled administration in American history.

Promises Promises
So another presidential election process is unfolding and with it a multitude of pledges that promise to get America financially healthy and socially responsible. But are Americans now simply too discouraged and disheartened to once again risk believing any of the words coming out of the mouths of politicians and could this election be any different from so many in the past?
Taking into consideration the widely held view by many in Washington as well as many Americans that Hillary Clinton is a habitual and pathological liar (a 2015 Quinnipiac University poll found that 61 percent think she is neither honest nor trustworthy), can the former Secretary of State and democrat frontrunner break the all-to-familiar cycle and finally stop Americans from yet another colossal post-election letdown?
A vast majority of Hillary Clinton supporters have convinced themselves that she is indeed presidential material but they most certainly have arrived at such a conviction by ignoring all of her past scandals including Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate and Benghazi to name only a few. And as far as Hillary’s new private email server investigation with the involvement of the F.B.I., there is little doubt that her supporters regard it as just another scandal to ignore.
Her credibility regarding championing woman’s rights is non-existent as she has a history of attacking the numerous women who were allegedly sexually harassed by her husband, former President Bill Clinton and the fact that she supports and accepts large donations from countries that murder women who have been raped. But again, these are inconvenient facts most likely to be ignored by her supporters.
On the Republican side of the coin however, there is something very unique that many elections rarely ever see; a diverse group of intelligent, independent thinkers that are highly motivated and care about the direction of the country. Ted Cruz the well educated graduate from Harvard Law School who is the most conservative of the group and an expert of the United States Constitution believes in secure borders, a strong second amendment and the elimination of ISIS, Marco Rubio, a young and energetic Senator from Florida who is well known as a talented communicator who also believes in the destruction of ISIS and the necessity of having Hillary Clinton no where near the White House and Donald Trump the savvy, unapologetic businessman from New York are just three of the top current contenders in a talented rich Republican field. Former candidates Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina would make outstanding assets in cabinet positions. The main point being that if there was ever a time for conservative values to rescue this country from ruin, that time is now upon us and if anyone is waiting for the call for Americans to rise up and vote for conservative principals, that call has already been made. In the end, with the exception of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the 2016 Presidential race is witnessing one of the largest fields of highly qualified candidates seen in many generations. The ball is now in the court of the American voter.

**The views expressed in this column represent only those of the author and not the board or membership of the Juniper Park Civic Association.