December 16: 59-00 57 Rd. Daytime burglary. A PlayStation, G-shock watch and soccer jerseys were taken. Victim returns from work and finds front door to apt broken and items missing.
December 16:  A 2014 Ford Escape, driven by a 25-year-old man, was stopped at a stop light on Metropolitan Avenue, three to four car lengths from the intersection of 75 Street, when a 76-year old female pedestrian crossed, mid-block, in front of his vehicle. Unbeknownst to the driver, the victim then tripped and fell while in front of his vehicle as the light turned green. He ran over her and she unfortunately died at Elmhurst Hospital. There were no charges for the accident.
December 23: 51-00 74 St., both apartments burglarized – basement windows broken during daytime. Perp forced locks open to 1st and 2nd floor apts. Book and chocolates under tree removed.
December 26: About a half dozen cars were broken into on 80th Street near Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village overnight into Dec. 27.
December 30: A shooting that occurred at approximately 4:18 am. NY Knicks player Cleanthony Early left CityScapes Nightclub, 55-61 58th Street and was heading northbound on Maurice Avenue. Just before reaching Tyler Avenue his Uber car was stopped by 4-6 males in three separate vehicles who then proceeded to rob him of his jewelry, cell phone and US currency. He was shot one time above his right knee. The perpetrators fled in an unknown direction. The Uber driver ran to DSNY to call 911 and Early ran down 64th Street with his girlfriend and was able to reach a house and call 911. Mr. Early was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. His cell phone was tracked to Bed-Stuy before being disabled by the perps. If anyone has any information, please call the 104th or 108th Precinct Squad.
January 2: On 75th Street at Lutheran Avenue, a vehicle was found up on blocks, its tires stolen. The owner called the police and a report was filed. These tire and rim jobs are becoming more frequent because of the lack of traceable identification numbers on the rims. We are encouraging people to install wheel locks on their vehicles. 
January 4: There was a residential burglary at‎ 54-xx 66th Street‎. The victims went out to dinner in Flushing in the early evening. When they returned later in the night, they discovered the 2nd floor bedroom ransacked and $3,000 missing from a dresser drawer. The 2nd floor window used to gain entry had a previously broken lock, which basically allowed the perp to walk right on in. Additionally the home had cameras but they were NOT recording.
January 4: At 12:15 am a male was seen on video breaking the glass on a door of a business that sells birdseed located 73-15 Grand Avenue. The owner was on the premises and was able to quickly extinguish the fire. The FDNY Arson Unit is currently investigating the incident. The dopey perp ignited his own clothing when he attempted the arson.
January 6: Many in Middle Village heard a loud explosion. There was an electric transformer that overloaded. FDNY responded and everything was OK. No injuries reported.
January 8: Two auto break-ins in Maspeth overnight. 56-xx 59 St, owner claims that vehicle was locked but no signs of forced entry, no broken glass, passenger compartment tossed, $10 taken. No damage or forced entry, no broken glass, $50 removed from vehicle.
January 10: 60-xx 55th Street, 2nd Floor apartment, midday Sunday. Complainant states he left his door locked and left home. Upon return later this afternoon he discovered front door was unlocked, closet in common family room was gone through, $2,000 removed. Point of entry is unknown.
January 11: There were two car break-ins in Maspeth overnight. The first one was at 59-xx Maspeth Avenue. The person reports that the rain guard was damaged but no property was taken. The second one was at 59-xx 57 Drive. They removed change and an E-cigarette. The second break-in stated that they didn’t lock their doors. Please lock your doors and park vehicles in well-lit areas.
January 22: A DWI arrest was made at Borden and Grand Avenues.
February 1: We took two crimes overnight regarding vehicle tires being stolen. The first incident occurred at 53-00 numbers on 72nd Place in which 4 tires and rims were removed from a 2014 Acura RLX. The second incident occurred at 52-00 numbers on 72nd Place in which 4 tires and rims were taken from a 2011 Cadillac. Wheel locks can deter this crime if properly installed.
February 12: At 0500am, we had an attempted burglary at the rear of a house in the 58-00 numbers on 58th Avenue. The victim noticed a male Hispanic approximately 17 years of age in her garage. When she approached he ran eastbound on 58th Avenue. I added an extra patrol car to the Maspeth area to address this burglary.
February 12: We had a residential burglary at the 58-00 numbers on 61st street. 3 floors, 1st and 3rd floors are under construction. The front door to the 2nd floor was locked, the complaining victim left in early afternoon, upon return in early evening, door was unlocked and rear bedroom door to patio was also unlocked. $1000 cash was removed from the bedroom. The first floor rear which is empty was also unlocked/open.

In addition, do not leave large sums of cash inside your homes, and please limit access (extended relatives, guests, home health aides, or people inside the home doing construction or performing other services) to bedrooms, closets or other semi-private areas where valuables are likely to be found, whenever practicable. Also make sure these people are not seeing you placing valuables (cash, jewelry, etc.) in hiding spots like drawers, dressers, closets, etc. Valuables should always be stored in a locked safe in a private area of the house, and large sums of cash should ALWAYS be deposited in the bank.