Residents and civic leaders had been calling for a Greenstreet-type project at 59th Street and Flushing Avenue for many years. Auto body shops were parking junked cars on the triangle which was condemned decades ago for construction of the Flushing Avenue underpass but left as a concrete slab. Late last year, construction of a small park began at the triangle and the erection of a black metal fence kept the cars out. But general maintenance is sorely lacking. Assembly Member Catherine Nolan’s office contacted the Department of Sanitation, which cleaned up the dumped items outside the fence. Inside the fence is another matter. A lot of litter accumulates there and a discarded street sign was at one point spotted amid the debris. The lot is owned by State DOT but was cleaned only once by the agency after a complaint. State Senator Addabbo is working to ensure the permanent maintenance plan that should have been determined prior to construction.