Overall, not much has changed in the landscape of Dry Harbor Road over the past few decades. It’s hard to read the signs on the stores on the left side, but a liquor store still operates in the same location. The telephone poles serve as rather imposing objects in both eras, towering over the low-rise street. The homes in the distance have not changed. Crossing over to the right side, the former Henry’s Bar & Grill is now the Harbor Inn Sports Bar. Dan’s Cut Rate Market has been replaced by smaller businesses. There is no longer a tailor/furrier/cleaner on this side of the street, but there is a dry cleaner on the other side. A pharmacy is present in both photos but not exactly in the same location. The fire hydrant, mailbox and traffic signal still line up. Despite the planting of street trees and the modern cars replacing the vintage ones, this stretch of Dry Harbor still looks much as it did nearly three quarters of a century ago.