I’m confused. To ride a motorcycle, I had to pass both written and road tests to get a license and had to obtain registration and insurance before I could take to the roads. A motorcycle must obey all the same rules as other vehicles and riders must wear helmets. What’s going on now with the changing of the laws allowing scooters and all the other E-bikes, etc., is insanity. Now anyone who can ride a scooter, etc, can take to the streets. They don’t obey traffic laws, have a license or registration, and most don’t wear helmets. They can ride in the streets, in bike lanes and I have seen them riding on the sidewalks many times. As a bicyclist I don’t want these motorized vehicles in the bike lane. They are too fast, and many riders are reckless. I can’t see the difference between a motorcycle and all these scooters and E-bikes. If you get hit by one of them, you will most likely get hurt and maybe even die. I hope our politicians are listening and will enact laws that will make our community safer for drivers, bikers and pedestrians.

Richard Polgar, Maspeth