This picture shows the HA Whitacre Italian Marble Statuary office which was, according to an ad from 1939, founded circa 1909. It was established to deal in Italian marble and statuary products from Carrara, Italy. The ad states, “The office and showrooms at 66-67 69 Street contain a large variety of religious work of fine material and superlative workmanship, portraying a large number of subjects appropriate for churches and schools.” The showroom was located across 69th Street where Renault Stamping is today. The photo shows members of the Whitacre family posing with a truck packed full of goods. All Faiths Cemetery can be seen on the left. The office is crowned with a cupola sporting a weather vane atop it. The right side of the photo shows the former Trinity Lutheran Church. Today, all of this is, save for the cemetery, is gone. The lot had been used at times for parking and to sell Christmas trees prior to the construction of the apartments with retail there now.