Maspeth parents and civic leaders voiced an emphatic protest against inadequate school facilities in their section of Queens, at a special hearing at the Board of Education yesterday afternoon. At the conclusion of the hearing, William A. Boylan, associate superintendent in charge of school building, pointed out that at the present time he was unable to promise any immediate relief but that he would make a survey in January to see if a new school or new additions were needed in Maspeth. Leaders of the group which appeared at the board yesterday included Mrs. Herman Schwartz, president of the Mothers Club of P. S. 73; William Neubeck, representing the Maspeth Republican Club, and the John A. Logan Council of American Mechanics; A. Julius Haas, representing the Ridgewood Metropolitan Civics Association: Philip J. McLaren, chairman of local school board 47, and Mary Louise Lebright. president of the Mothers Club of P. S. 73.

Call Building Unsanitary
P. S. 73, a new school, opened in Sept. 1927 with accommodations for 1,048 students. It was at once overcrowded, and five classes were sent to old P.S. 73 at Lexington Ave. near Grand St., Maspeth. Yesterday parents complained that the toilets in the old school were unsanitary and odorous, that no illumination was provided, and that the new school itself has no auditorium. It was also said that P. S. 72. on Maspeth Ave, Maspeth. was overcrowded and that an addition to this school should have been constructed long ago. Mr. Boylan admitted that there were 400 more students at this school than accommodations. The associate superintendent in charge of school building, however, pointed out that a site has been selected by the Board of Education for a new school at Mary and Pacific Streets, Maspeth, and that this building, which is planned for 1928, should relieve P. S. 72. If the new Maspeth school proves unable to relieve crowding in the two present schools complained of, Mr. Boylan said that he would make his survey to decide whether a school to the northeast of P. S. 73 was necessary, or whether additions to both P.S. 72 and 73 were needed.