A home repair scam begins with an unsolicited phone call or visit to your home from a repair company and states that you need work done to your home. This person may claim to have worked or is working on a neighbor’s home in the vicinity and “noticed” that you may have damage or need a repair on your home. They may even offer to repair it for much less than a competitor. This scam can include: roofing, windows, driveways and sidewalks. The NYPD’S Crime Prevention Section suggests that you do the following:
• Do not open the door.
• Research the company before making your decision.
• Confirm repairs are needed. Get other estimates.
• Never give out any financial information (Credit cards, bank account etc.)
• Do not give them any money
• If you are still unsure call 911
For more information or questions please contact the 104th Precinct Crime Prevention Officers at 718-386-6223.