This van had been parked on Juniper Blvd. North and 80 Street for 3 weeks, never having been moved. A Facebook user asked who should be contacted regarding this matter. While there were several opinions offered as to why the vehicle might be there, the best course of action in these cases is to contact the Neighborhood Coordination Officers of the 104th Precinct. JPCA contacted Sector D’s NCO Brian Abbandandelo, who responded that he would be checking it out. Later that day, the person who originally reported it said that the van was gone. Feel free to contact JPCA with concerns such as this at or contact your NCOs directly. POs Brian Abbandandelo and Eugene Lee cover Maspeth south of the LIE as well as all of Middle Village as part of “Sector D”. POs Ebonie Nesbitt and Deighton Shoy cover the rest of Maspeth as part of “Sector C”. You may contact Sector C at & and Sector D at &