In 1922, the corner of Juniper Valley Road and 69th Street was configured a bit differently. 69th Place had not yet been cut through, so there were no triangles in the intersection. Trolley tracks, Belgian blocks and overhead wires dominated the landscape. The Ferguson House, built ca 1840, abutted the bridge over the tracks belonging to the New York Connecting Railroad. The Elmhurst Gas Tanks (seen just behind the house) could be viewed clearly from 69th Street, as there were no tall structures blocking the view. And the large building that stood at the corner was the District 6 school, built 1880, which extended into what is now 69th Place. Today, the former site of the Elmhurst Gas Tanks is a park, and the Ferguson House and District 6 School have been replaced by the PS 128 annex and a professional office building. There is also a billboard adjacent to what is now the CSX railroad bridge. The trolley infrastructure is gone, and the Belgian blocks today sit under layers of asphalt.