June 25th was primary day for Queens District Attormey. It appeared after the polls closed that night that Tiffany Caban, a Democratic Socialist candidate backed by progressives, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, had pulled off a victory against all the other Dem candidates. She ended the night with what seemed like a comfortable 1,090 vote lead. The first runner up, Melinda Katz, refused to concede until absentee ballots were counted, which resulted in Katz topping Caban by 20 votes. This triggered an automatic hand recount of all cast ballots, which took place at Board of Election offices inside the Metro Mall. Some disputed ballots wound up in court, but in the end, Katz emerged ahead by 56 votes and was certified the winner. The general election takes place November 5th where Katz will meet Democrat Joseph Murray, who is running on the Republican line.