The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in July announced the activation of automated bus lane enforcement (ABLE) cameras on the Q58 bus route in Queens, the second busiest bus route in the city last year. ABLE cameras capture drivers violating bus lane rules in real-time and is aimed at deterring motorists from blocking these lanes to improve bus service and reduce crashes. Upon imple- mentation of ABLE cameras on the Q58, NYCDOT will issue warning notices to motorists for the first 60 days, in accordance with State law, to ensure drivers are informed about the program before any fines are levied. Each bus lane corridor with ABLE camera coverage has signage indicating the hours that the bus lanes are operable and advises drivers that the lanes are camera-enforced. Drivers who violate these rules during enforcement periods are subject to a summons, with fines beginning at $50 and escalating, for repeat offenders, up to $250.