Glendale Homeless Shelter

ROBERT HOLDEN: Formed neighborhood coalition, held multiple rallies and press conferences, fundraised $100,000 used to file lawsuit, urged Building Dept to audit plans.

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: Circulated online petition opposed to shelter. Discouraged constituents from donating to community’s legal fund.

Maspeth Homeless Shelter

ROBERT HOLDEN: Formed citywide coalition, participated in traveling protests which were partly responsible for causing hotel owner to back out of deal, filed successful lawsuit to obtain records needed to bolster landowner’s case, actions caused city to change homeless hotel policies.

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: Filed a lawsuit regarding kitchens that was thrown out of court after 4 months due to lack of standing. Suggested low income housing along railroad tracks to satisfy city’s desire for a shelter. Knew about city's plan for hotel in May, kept it secret until August.

Ending Homelessness

ROBERT HOLDEN: Has plan to make 15% affordable housing a mandatory requirement in districts that are R6 zoning and higher. Also has plan to form community councils comprised of local talent to aid families before they become homeless (providing things like job skills, education and home improvement).

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: Drafted legislation to provide more government oversight of Department of Homeless Services.

Rikers Island

ROBERT HOLDEN: Believes in building replacement jails on vacant land on the 400-acre Rikers Island. Would like Kew Gardens detention center to be converted into offices per the request of the Queens District Attorney.

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: Wants to close Rikers in favor of community jails. Suggested Kew Gardens detention center as one possible site as replacement jail against the wishes of the community.


ROBERT HOLDEN: Believes in school choice and plans to introduce legislation to guarantee admission to child’s closest high school if it is ranked first. Held Maspeth High School principal accountable for excluding qualified local students.

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: Opposed to charter schools and refused to intervene when local students were unfairly excluded from admission to Maspeth High School.

Public Safety

ROBERT HOLDEN: Chair of Community Board public safety committee for 20 years. Requested many street safety improvements over the years, including new traffic signals, converting streets to one way, installing speed humps, and advocated for Grand Ave Truck Bypass.

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: As Chair of Fire and Criminal Justice Committee, failed to follow up on 2011 report indicating that Queens had many nonfunctioning hydrants; 2 broken pumps hindered firefighting efforts on Myrtle Ave in Glendale this past June.

ROBERT HOLDEN: Supports greater city, state and federal investment in subway infrastructure and local bus service improvements, as well as a new express bus line for Maspeth. Believes Woodhaven Blvd SBS plan needs to be revisited as it is causing traffic delays and bus lane placement is dangerous.

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: Supports light rail that would shuttle passengers between Jamaica and LIC and displace manufacturing in favor of low income housing. Requested that existing express buses stop in Maspeth which MTA refused. Has offered no opinion on SBS or Woodhaven Blvd construction.

Historic Preservation

ROBERT HOLDEN: Raised $100,000 in 30 days to pay for removal of historic church from land being developed by new owner, saving it from destruction by a bulldozer. Brokered a deal with All Faiths Cemetery to host the church on their property in the future. Currently working with businesses and not-for-profit organizations to fundraise money needed to reconstruct building for use as an arts/community/environmental center.

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: Was council member when LPC finally decided to designate an historic district in Ridgewood. Pushed for landmarking of the Forest Park Carousel. Refused to help fundraise the $50K needed to start ULURP for the St. Saviour’s site and told community that Martin Luther High School was willing to sell a piece of their property to host the historic church which was false. Claimed during a recent debate that Robert Holden was to blame for the church no longer standing on the original site that she failed to acquire.