Lou Iorio, a devoted husband, father, and brother who had a love for his program which he revived, has passed away. Lou was the Parish Athlete Representative (PAR) at Resurrection Ascension (RA) parish. After his children graduated from RA, Lou continued to be the PAR. He loved the fact that the children had lots of fun playing basketball. On Saturday mornings, he ran a clinic for 5-6-year-olds and was very proud of all his programs. He would be in the gym 6-7 hours per day during the entire weekend. His goal was to keep the children off the streets, teach them teamwork, sportsmanship, and good values. Additionally on his days off while doing lunch monitoring duties at RA, the children showed appreciation by greeting him with high fives and staying “hello coach Lou.” He would tell them to behave and avoid a punishment. The viewing at Kearns Funeral Home was a testimonial of Lou loved for family, friends, children, and community due to the tremendous attendance. Lou is survived by his wife Christine, son Louis Jr., and daughter Emma.