Happy Spring, everyone!

There are a lot of things happening in the civic arena right now that command attention. New congressional and state legislative lines have been drawn, which means some changes in who represents many of us. The primary elections for state offices will be here in 3 short months. There are plans in Albany to legalize all basement dwellings. The governor would like to run a rapid transit passenger line through our area. Crime continues to rise due to poor leadership and bad legislation. It’s hard to keep up sometimes, but this magazine strives to keep the community informed. As we experience milder temperatures and look forward to gardens bursting with color and birds making joyful music, we must remain focused on keeping our communities safe and livable. In addition, we’ve dedicated space to honoring those we’ve lost and celebrating the achievements of those still with us. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day to all.