Response to questions asked during Queens Borough President’s Civic Engagement Committee

Here is a follow up to your two questions:

1) MTA bus redesign:
  •  After the public hearings in 2021, the MTA is completely redesigning the original proposed plans, they hope to have the new redesigned plans done by the first quarter of 2022 (by the end of March).
Once the new redesigned plans are provided to the public, they might begin another round of public meetings. As of right now, we were not able to get an answer if they are for sure going to hold another round of public hearings or not and when they might take place exactly. If I hear anything soon, I will definitely share.

2) Interborough Express:
  •  There are no public or scheduled dates as of right now with the Interborough Express as well. As per the Governor’s office here are their plans: “the MTA’s next step is to conduct required state and federal environmental review processes, which will also include public engagement to gather input from communities, elected officials, and other key stakeholders to further the process of determining the most appropriate mode of transit.”

Hope this helps!

Timothy Chubinidze
Civic Engagement Coordinator
Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Jr.