I came across these photos in one of my files. They were taken on the northwest corner of Yellowstone Blvd and Queens Blvd in Forest Hills about 23 years ago. The buildings on the opposite side of the street are Gerard Towers and to the right of Gerard Towers is Parker Towers. 


When I became a resident of Forest Hills, this man would stand on the same corner several times a week wearing sandwich boards with various messages. I never knew who he was or anything about him, but after a year or two he disappeared. Do you think any of your readers of Juniper Berry would know the story behind the man?


I am in one of the photographs wearing jeans and my daughter, Krista Essler, who is wearing a long black coat is in the other photo.


Patricia Klein, Forest Hills

His name is Luis. As for his story, the NY Times tried to get it out of him in 2003 but he wasn’t saying much. You can read the interview at: tinyurl.com/luisflagman – Ed.