Crystal Wolfe researched thousands of books on the subjects of science, religion, history, geography, mythology, psychology, philosophy and cultures across the globe to pen this series. Wolfe is also the author of The Resurrected Dream, Our Invisible Neighbors: Accounts, Causes and Solutions to the Epidemic of Homelessness, Where the Shadows Meet the Light – Volume one of the Creation Series, and In the Origin of Time – Volume Two of the Creation Series. She currently resides in Maspeth.

Synopsis: As the Ashes Rise to Life Volume Three of The Creation Series explores the untold stories of the ancestral lines of creation, originating in the Garden of Eden. The lines of the first humans, and the humans who mated with the fallen angels, is unearthed. Many secrets of the origin of creation are revealed throughout the series.

The central theme is led by an ancient Prophecy, focused on the group of fourteen main characters. Each main character bears a birthmark of an animal or symbol on their skin, representing both who they are, and their purpose in the group. In this volume, the characters go their separate ways, venturing out on their own voyages and adventures spanning the globe, and delving into the mysteries of the waters, deserts, and so much more.

Above all, the third novel in this epic fantasy series is about the transformation and resurrection of life, and the evolution of body and soul. It is a story of good versus evil, with detailed accounts illustrating how human evil is not born, it is made—within the spiritual warfare of the battles for souls the angels and demons wage among us, and through us, As the Ashes Rise to Life.