It takes a lot to win the Dumb Award on these pages, but this issue’s honorees surely take the cake. A group of BLM/Antifa anarchists was under the mistaken impression that NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins lived on a mixed-use block in Maspeth, so in early October they marched from Bushwick to what they thought was his house and screamed outside of it in an attempt to intimidate the union boss and his family. The problem with this plan was that they had the wrong guy named Ed Mullins as the one they were targeting actually lives on the north shore of Long Island, per his bio on the SBA’s website. They then proceeded to march through Maspeth, ripping American flags off people’s homes, spray painting them, tossing them in a pile and setting fire to them. Meanwhile, they were escorted by 40 cops assigned to various units who allegedly didn’t witness any of this. Those with stolen flags were instructed to file police reports which no doubt will go nowhere. JPCA has offered to replace the flags of those who had theirs stolen. (Meet one of the recipients of a brand-new American flag in Killy’s Korner on page 79.) If you have to try to bully an entire neighborhood to get your point across, all you’ve accomplished is invalidation. It’s also interesting to note that District 30 City Council candidate Juan Ardila was on social media praising the protest (above) – then days later recanted his statement.