In late October, another group of BLM activists known as the Ridgewood Tenants Union marched from Queens Center Mall to Council Member Holden’s Caldwell Ave home to denounce him and everyone who voted for him as “racist”. Juan Ardila, Holden’s primary opponent, joined them. Prior to the event, the leader of the group posted the following message of solidarity with the flag burners: “…we do not have any problems with burning American flags and that’s because BLACK LIVES and the lives of people of color matter more than your f—— flags.” When they arrived at Holden’s house, police and counter protesters (left) were waiting for them, so all they could do was beat drums and chant for a while. They then continued through town and all boarded the subway at the Metropolitan Avenue station while simultaneously claiming that many of their members live in Maspeth and Middle Village. We will likely experience more voter intimidation tactics from groups such as this one as we approach the June primary.