In 1945, the landscape of 53rd Road in Maspeth was both very similar and very different from that of today. There were sidewalks, but the road was not yet paved and there were no curbs. The Brooklyn Union Gas Tanks loomed large in the distance. The trees were still young and slim. Parked cars on the street were rare. At the time, the road did not cut all the way through to 74th Street and a home stood at what was a dead end.

In 2020, we see that just about every house still stands, except the one that was removed to extend the roadbed. In the distance, the Grand Avenue Shops can be seen along 74th Street. The Gas Tanks no longer appear on the horizon, having been torn down in 1996. The trees are much taller and now arch over the road. The word STOP is emblazoned on the now paved street, which usually hosts bumper-to-bumper cars.