The following is a summary of the proposed MTA bus service route changes in our area:

B57: Follows much of the same route along Flushing Ave. In Brooklyn, the route is shortened and would no longer continue into Red Hook. In Queens, instead of ending at 64th Street and Grand Ave as it does now, it would proceed down Grand, turn north onto 69th Street, east on Roosevelt Ave and end at 82nd Street.

Q14: A new route. Starts at the Fresh Pond Road subway, and then turns up Eliot Ave where it replaces the Q38 for this leg of its route, crosses Queens Blvd and skirts Lefrak City, turns up 99th Street and proceeds through Corona on the Q23’s current route to LaGuardia Airport.

Q18: Route remains unchanged except in the Plateau area. Instead of zigzagging over to 69th Street and back, the bus will stay on 65th Place.

Q29: Line eliminated

Q38: The entire segment between 99th Street and Fresh Pond Road will be discontinued. The line will start at Fresh Pond, proceed east on Metropolitan Ave, turn onto 69th Street to JB South and then onto Dry Harbor Road and then at Penelope Ave, it will continue along its current route.

Q39: Instead of starting at Queens Plaza as it does now, the line will start by the Astoria Houses, proceed down Vernon Blvd and 21st Street and then resume its current route until it gets to 58th Street and the LIE service road. It will proceed east on the service road and end at 69th Street and Grand Ave. The line will no longer serve western Maspeth or Ridgewood.

Q47: The line will no longer serve Glendale and will be shifted west. It will start at Fresh Pond Road and proceed along the current Q67 route until it gets to Grand Ave. Then it will continue up 69th Street to Woodside Ave, and on to the Jackson Height subway station where it will resume its current route to LaGuardia Airport.

Q58: Most of the route remains the same. Instead of heading down 108th Street to the LIE, then along College Point Blvd to get to Main Street, it will be routed in the opposite direction up 111th Street to Roosevelt Ave and down College Point Blvd to 41st Rd/Main Street.

Q59: Instead of beginning/ending at Kent Street along the Williamsburg waterfront, it will start at the bus terminal before resuming its current route at Union Ave. On the eastern end, it will no longer ride along 56th Ave and 90th Street westbound, but will continue straight on Queens Blvd.

Q67: The route remains unchanged between Queens Plaza and 58th Street. At 58th Street, it follows the cur- rent route of the Q39 to Liberty Park. The entire segment that provides service to the Plateau area, Grand Ave, 69th Street and Metropolitan Ave, have been eliminated.

Q80: A new route. It starts at Myrtle Ave, proceeds up 80th Street to Grand and then east to Queens Blvd where it makes its turnaround. This route replaces parts of the Q29 and Q47.

Q98: A new SBS route that will replace Limited Service for the Q58. Follows the route of the Q58 until it gets to Queens Blvd. Instead of proceeding down Broadway, the line turns east down Queens Blvd where it enters the LIE and exits at College Point Blvd where it continues along the current route to Main Street.

There are no major changes to any of our express bus routes to Manhattan or the Q54 route.

Please note that boroughwide, the MTA is planning to eliminate 1,650 stops to speed up service, as well as add some to cover new routing. Visit the plan online for specific information about the stops you use and to leave feedback: