Bayside Weeping Beech Tree
Flirts with The Wind
A weeping beech willow genuflects.
Wonder why a tree bends, folds,
touches the earth.
Behold a burst from the ground.
In a circle, a cutting sprung a crown.
A canopy, round, and round,
curved, bright green,
juicy green, dark jungle brown.
A tree’s stump turns into a leafy fountain.
Like a lady,
a weeping beech will fling its long pendulous hair,
in the wind,
Dance in the sun.
The weeping beech will cool the excellent earth.
Cats will find a place to lie in the shade.
A tree will weep from the hot sun.

The Beach at Rockaway
The Atlantic Ocean swells
Poised to rise and dip to slap the shore, drift
Stepping back again and again
to the mercy of the moon
Ruffling, speeding, taking in sand, cracking shells
Forever forming white
Sun stabbed ocean blindly shining bright
Wide, deep
Beauty to kill
Standing on a cliff ears echo
In the distance one lone sole lying on the beach
Row on row of puckered rims lapping the shore
Blazing sun, glistening burning on water
Ocean, a fire gushing
Seagulls sing far from daffodils
And I linger on the beach as the sun sets

I am a potato!
I breathe, I need clean air to grow.
I bruise, too.
I am a maverick.
My skin is lean.
I can be boiled, baked, or barbecued.
Cut me up into a salad,
served at parties to one’s delight.
French fries to go?
Take me traveling in your lunch box.
I am a hot potato, desired, craved, naughty potato me.
Beware, I can be mashed and drowned in sauce up to my stem.
Put me in a flowerpot to see what will sprout, grow.
Please do not discard me or treat me rotten.
I am a potato,

Corona, Recipe of A Crown Community
See Atlas cast in ’35 at the Roman
Bronze Foundry in Corona-
The crown community
Corona, a jewel of diversity in art, history, culture
From the Perisphere in ’39 and ’40
To the Unisphere in ’64, ’65 then, now, forever
A community’s best
in Tiffany’s flowered fancy
Favrile glass vases and lampshades
Bronze sculptures and marvelous
magic mosaics of stained glass
In nature’s colors – enhanced by light
To Louis Armstrong’s Jazz,
The lemonade ice king,
Latin art’s delight,
Diverse cultures –
North, south, east, and west.
A chef’s wonder of salads, soups, stews
Corona, a classic complete culinary art school
Celebrate the menu
Add to the magic mix

A Ginkgo Tree Grows in Flushing
Canopy of Asian fans
like little geisha girls in a garden.
twigs bend.
Sun’s soft rays sway,
alluring golden berries splatter.
Summer’s sun showers.

Under pulp skin soft smile
Arteries veins
It’s blood, the sun