State Assembly

Thank you for giving me the honor of being your representative. For too long, the middle class and seniors, who obey the law and work hard, have been ignored. You should be able to speak directly with your representative, and that is why I always encourage people to call me directly at (917) 363-7081. I made a promise to dedicate myself to the office and my constituents, and I will continue to do that. I have kept my promise to read every bill and ignore lobbyists. I take the job very seriously, and I vote against bills that are unconstitutional and/or a burden on New Yorkers. I wanted to let you know about some of the bills that I have drafted/co-sponsored. Please always feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I owe everything to your kindness and support. Thank you.


Brian Barnwell
NYS Assembly District 30

A.7628: Lowers property taxes for Seniors as they age

A.6568: Requires the City, not the homeowner, to repair and maintain sidewalks

A.1090: Limits the annual increase in property taxes

A.8128: Grants qualifying Seniors an exemption from future increases in water rate fees

A.2997: Increases the amount individuals can save on their pensions/annuities for tax purposes

A.0049: Provides for free public transportation for senior citizens

A.3356: Grants qualifying Seniors a personal income tax exemption, up to 1k, for any medications they purchase

A.4296: Provides for a personal income tax deduction for school supplies paid for out-of-pocket

A.1532: Enacts Safe Staffing to ensure safe patient to nurse ratios (As someone whose grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, and cousin, were/are nurses, I truly understand how important these ratios are)

A.1807: Requires health insurance policies to cover comprehensive genetic screening for breast, ovarian, prostate, colon and lung cancers.

A.2535: Establishes the transparency in health care fees act requiring health care providers to submit bills to patients prior to performing services.

A.7657: Retrofits patrol vehicles with bullet-proof glass

A.3073: Allows for longer sentencing for convicted violent felons

A.6738: Mandates Safety Courses + Apprenticeship training for all construction/demolition projects over 4 stories throughout the whole state

A.2086 Mandates the use of American-made iron, steel and manufactured products in certain government contracts.

A.1382: Increases real property tax exemptions for combat veterans who are 100% permanently disabled.

State Senate

As this year’s NYS legislative session moves forward, I and my other Senate and Assembly colleagues are now primarily focused on negotiating a final 2018-19 State Budget, which must be adopted by April 1st. As the ranking member of three Senate committees – Education; Racing, Gaming and Wagering; and Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs – I have been especially active in examining how the proposed Executive Budget affects these issue areas. But beyond working on the budget, I have personally introduced a wide variety of bills to address community issues, benefit our school children, aid veterans, protect our environment, and otherwise improve life in the 15th Senate district and statewide. While I have co-sponsored 247 bills this session, below is a sampling of the 52 bills I have introduced this year. If you are interested in learning more about these and other bills I am sponsoring in the Senate, or if you have an idea for legislation, please contact me with your thoughts at It is an honor to represent you.

Yours truly,

Joseph Addabbo, Jr.
NYS Senate District 15

S.3676: To reduce odor and spillage from garbage transported by rail requires waste cars to be covered with hard tarping.

S.3677: In response to such incidents as the 2015 loss of public transit service in Queens that resulted from vandals stealing copper wire from cable boxes, provides penalties for theft of public transportation equipment.

S.3065: Provides a tax credit to help residents repair hazardous structural cocklofts in their homes, which have led to very serious fires, injuries and displaced families in my district and elsewhere.

S.5519: Requires school crossing guards at public and private high schools throughout New York City. (I also co-sponsor legislation requiring more crossing guards at elementary and intermediate schools.)

S.3680: Since legislative grants, also known as “member items,” were abolished in New York State several years ago, creates a mechanism for community organizations to seek funding directly from state agencies for valuable public programming.

S.6463: To address issues that residents in New York City and elsewhere are confronting in their efforts to conveniently recycle electronics, creates a Task Force to examine existing e-waste recycling laws and make recommendations for improvements.

S.6962: In response to parking issues related to Select Bus Service (SBS) in the community, and their negative impact on local businesses, requires the City to replace parking spots lost to any city capital project with new, nearby spaces.

S.3072: To give veterans’ organizations time to correct minor violations at their posts – such as those that do not threaten public safety or violate alcoholic beverage control laws – provides a 120-day warning period without the imposition of fines.

S.3054, S.3067, S.4229: While recognizing the value of the Resorts World Casino to our local economy and its contributions to public education funding, these bills address compulsive gambling assistance, create a task force on responsible gaming, and raise the gambling age to 21.

S.3060: To better protect children who are blind, deaf, or living with other physical or mental disabilities, directs the City Department of Transportation to erect “Special Needs Children at Play” signs in appropriate areas where disabled children reside.

S.3681: Makes life imprisonment without parole mandatory for defendants who are convicted of murder in the first degree after killing a police officer.

S.3688: Establishes a small business tax credit to encourage employers to provide jobs to New Yorkers with disabilities.

S.5467: Authorizes district attorneys to intervene in cases where landlords are having trouble evicting tenants who are engaging in illegal activity on the premises, such as massage parlors.