by Wanda Sue Parrot

Across the black of blinding night
a comet’s swirling scattered light
cascades like rose-hued streams of morn.
On earthen page a poem is born.

The Stir at Twilight
by Christina Wilkinson

The fishermen’s hour
Sacred moments
Quiet beauty
Fading stars
By dawn’s early light
Oh, say, can you see
And hear
And feel
The world come alive?
Birds sing.
Commuters scurry.
The nocturnal world retires.
The sky brightens.
Streetlamps dim.
Promise is on the horizon.
A new dawn.
Good morning!
Let’s seize the day.

A Broken Hallelujah
by Vincent Tomeo
Pine needles-
sticky with sap
scent the air.
As if shot in the arm,
from a needle on a syringe.
turns to brown,
then red.

A Crepuscular Moment
by Vincent Tomeo
Twilight burst into colors bright pumpkins,
orange- golden, blended aura,
cruising across the horizon,
like caterpillars transformed into twinkling
butterflies of light.
Testosterone evening glows bright, plays tricks
shimmering empyreal radiant blue.
an existential night crawls in moon light

An Existential Morning
by Vincent Tomeo

Rays of light burst through a dense fog.
like children playing hide-and-seek
A gaggle of birds nesting
A homeless man sits on a park bench.
wrapped in a wrinkled plastic garbage bag.
and dressed in tattered dirty clothes.
He kept scratching, scratching.
clawing not noticing beauty all around
As the sun rose the sky became a rainbow

A Surrealistic World
by Vincent Tomeo

I live in a cave.
I have come to fear the light.
hurts my eyes.
Scares me
Stings my pupils.
I want to remain in the dark
Feel cool dampness crawl down my back!
I want to hang from cliffs upside down like a bat.
Listen to echoes, call me.
See glistening shadows dancing on
crystal black water.
At dawn
Images shock me

Riding a Poem
by Vincent Tomeo

Galloping, rhythm, rhyme,
trotting through stanzas.
Fantasies wandering,
zigzagging on a country road.
Prancing: rambling, meandering,
flying words, kicking up dust,
frolicking, floating fairies,
in the early morning mist.

Jeremy, My Arch Angel
by Vincent Tomeo

Angel of grace.
Gladiator whose wings spread,
protecting me from a storm,
shades a burning sun.
Guides me through darkness,
lighting up the dark of night
in Corinthian golden light.
My guardian angel comforts me,
warms my very soul,
a benediction, mesmerizing, stunning grace.