Flowers galore

and so much more

a gardener’s delight

mistletoe and holly

It’s Christmas in July. 

It’s Valentine’s Day every day 

in April, May, June, or July. 

Baby’s Breath will work wonders

as well as fern, too

think what a florist can create 

a thing of perfect beauty and oh, 

the scent will fill the air with delight 

lavender, pine, and sage. 

Add color to start the wedding procession 

in joy and good cheer. 

Who will catch the bouquet? 

Celebrate Mother’s Day 

every day with flowers. 

Yes, Flowers have personality

and they show their flair: 

African Violets, Roses, Lilies

and so much more. 

Separate, they are unique, 

precious, together, an orchestrater of hue. 

Flowers are a fantasia

a dream come true. 

Enchantment is a garden. 

Working wonder at 

65-10 Grand Avenue