A Poem Is A River

A poem is like a river.
Jump into it.
Go with the web and flow.

Let it carry you downstream.
Let every word, splash, refresh, renew you.

Dive deep.
Below the surface,
discover the hidden meanings,
and float to the top −


Swim, and sweat, in the water.
An intimate experience.

A poem is a River.

What Makes A Poem Read Well?

I’ll tell you.

It resonates like bells.
Long after the ringing has stopped.

Notes On A Poetry Reading At The Library

The librarian said
Show slides with your poetry
If they don’t understand poetry
They might enjoy the slides

The librarian said
Play music with your slides
If they are not interested in your slides
They might enjoy the music

The librarian said
Do you have any poetry for children?

The librarian said
At the end of the reading
We will serve cookies milk and coffee
Donated by Starbucks

This usually draws a large crowd.