September 11, 2001
Straight into the stomach of steel explode jetliners appendix of commerce bursts
the sky is steaming like a hot sauna
glass flying everywhere
The birds are on fire white orange lava flows quick
Teardrops from towers drip people A fountain of glass implodes into flux thick ash plummet
A pall of black gurgles forward
An accordion of death descends into an abyss Thick mud melts innocence consumed into a steel mix
God 911 Emergency History scarred Mass murder
I see the smoke bellow from my windows
I smell death from Chambers Street and West Broadway
I’m going to vomit
A Raggedy-Ann doll covered in dust cleave to a steel girder
An open hand is sticking up from the debris
Television reception is down

Grant Me The Right Never To Forget
How can one forget 9/11!
Remember they ran into the buildings,
when everyone else was running out. Through the clouds of smoke, they groped their way, like soldiers struggling through mustard gas.
To save humanity.
To save innocent workers.
How can one forget all they will miss? How can one forget all they have given us?
The empty boots!

I Visited The 9/11 Memorial
Gazing into the granite footprints of the former World Trade Towers
As water flows Ripples
Drops into immense open sanctums
Water is life
Mystical dramatic it mirrors the light Crystal sparkling diamond white
Hallowed grounds attempting to cradle the loss Trying to fill a deep sunken hollowness
Nothing can fill the void

Flushing Cemetery’s Monument to September 11, 2001
A soft sun
An ebony marble monument Mirrors trees
In a Peace Garden Birds sing
I lament our loss Amid the scent of leaves
A subtle bird Peeps out of a knothole
Wake Up
Peace on earth,
they are the fifth column all over the world.
You are a dove – flying into a wall.