For months dating back to last year, residents of the Mount Olivet Crescent area of Maspeth reported having their mail stolen. They observed a car repeatedly visiting a relay box and individuals breaking into it. Several people turned over video of the car and suspects. On June 26, the USPS Postal Inspectors effected an arrest of two individuals who were responsible for the thefts. The suspects were federally charged and face years in prison.

Great work by the USPS Postal Inspection Service in surveilling and capturing these suspects! Postal Inspectors Michael Loforte and Michael Giannone were awarded Certificates of Appreciation for their work in capturing the suspects at National Night Out ceremonies on August 1st.

It is important to note that community involvement and law enforcement were equally responsible for these arrests. There are still many mail thieves out there, so if you see any suspicious activity around a mailbox or relay box, please contact the USPS at www.uspis. gov/report or call 1-877-876-2455.