Jessica Kuo, the DOT’s project manager for the SBS project, told the Queens Borough Board in January that traffic may have worsened during Woodhaven Blvd reconstruction, but that it's fine now. Council Member Rober Holden brought up that traffic is indeed heavy on Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevards, and that the smartphone app known as Waze directs drivers down area side streets for a faster commute. This is causing safety and traffic problems on those streets. Kuo stated “that should not be happening.” Holden said he believes that better synchronization of traffic signals along Woodhaven Blvd during rush hour would help ease the problem. Queens DOT Commissioner Nicole Garcia reportedly said that her agency would look into doing that. Shouldn't DOT, with all their consultants and studies, have had the foresight to better sync the lights BEFORE implementing the 24/7 bus lanes and not after the fact?