Denial will not likely be a strong defense for Julin Liriano, age 34, who was arrested on drug and weapons charges in early October. Members of DEA’s NYC Drug Enforcement Taskforce were surveilling a house at 85-25 Eliot Ave when Liriano allegedly came out of the house with a weapon, threatened the officers with it, then retreated into the house. Cops obtained and executed a search warrant and found: a loaded Baretta .380 automatic pistol, a Mac11 submachine gun, and loaded CZ Scorpion EVO carbine, three pounds of marijuana and almost a quarter-pound of cocaine. Liriano was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance and menacing. He initially claimed that the police made up the gun incident, but footage obtained from his own security cameras clearly show a weapon in the perp’s hands which appears to be the CZ Scorpion EVO carbine.