2/13/17 – 72nd St. and 57th Ave. Three perpetrators broke into a house and stole four cameras.
2/21/17 – Dark-skinned male broke into house via window air conditioner slot. Nothing was stolen. Perpetrator fled when discovered by resident, who was home at time of break in.
2/22/17 – 61st and Eliot Ave- Perpetrator tried to enter through rear basement door by kicking it in, but was not successful and fled scene when discovered by resident.
2/23/17 – There was a burglary at approximately 12:30 am in the vicinity of 52 #s on 62nd Street. A 19-year old Maspeth resident entered a home through the window with a knife but was held by the resident and his son until the police arrived. No one was injured during the burglary.
2/27/17 – Two female juveniles attacked and robbed the cell phone of another female teen. With the assistance of a local resident the teen perpetrators were apprehended and arrested.
Also on February 27 members of our conditions team arrested two 19-year old males for breaking into numerous cars in the vicinity of 54 Avenue/ 63 Place. Please lock your car doors.
2/29/17 – Officer Santos found a dog named Blue on the highway & was able to return him home.
3/16/17 – The 104th Pct held a very successful blood drive at our Catalpa Ave stationhouse.
3/21/17 – Fashion Spa, located at 72-07 Grand Avenue, was closed by the Marshall due to an ongoing investigation.
3/22/17 – Captain John Mastronardi took over as commander of the 104th Pct. DI Wachter was reassigned to 1 Police Plaza.
3/24/17 – On 70th Street between Calamus and 54th Avenues at about 10:00 pm, a resident observed four Hispanic teenagers on both sides of the street checking for unlocked cars. Please call 911 if you notice suspicious behavior such as this.
3/29/17 – Great arrest this week by the combined efforts of our Crime team and Field Intelligence Officers resulting in the seizure of multiple illegal guns.
3/31/2017 – Delvon Dowling, 23, was arrested for taking part in the robbery and shooting of Knicks player Cleanthony Early in December 2015 in Maspeth. He has pleaded guilty and faces 10 years in prison for his role.
4/9/17 – A male was arrested by Officer Lin and Det. Diaz for breaking into cars thanks to a tip from Aux. Inspector Diaz.
4/13/17 – 110 Pct officers conducted a car stop at 85 street and 57 ave, which yielded to an arrest and over 2 pounds marijuana.

Also on April 13, Officer Paulsaint of the 104th Pct came to the aid of 2 baby raccoons which were abandoned by their mother.
4/21/17 – At about 11:30pm, officers were called to a home on 60th Street near 59th Drive to resolve a domestic dispute. A father and son were having an altercation and the father was arrested for menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon. At the stationhouse, the suspect revealed that he had guns in his safe at home. After obtaining a search warrant, the police returned to the home and seized 13 unlicensed weapons, 294 cartridges and 3 large-capacity magazines. The suspect was then additionally charged with multiple counts of second-, third- and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and 12 counts of lacking permits for possession and purchase of rifles and shotguns.
4/27/17 – Joseph Cancemi, 27, was arrested at 66th Drive and 78th Street along with Safet Cucaj. Police found heroin in Cucaj’s wallet and 33 glassine envelopes of heroin and two glass pipes with a quantity of cocaine in Cancemi's jacket pocket. He was also in possession of a stolen check made out to Holy Cross Church for $100 in Cancemi’s wallet. Cancemi was charged with third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal sale of a controlled substance, seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, and for operating a bicycle on a sidewalk.

5/1/17 – An intoxicated patron of the Holiday Inn Express was taken to the hospital after arguing with a manager.
5/2/17 – Multiple manholes exploded on Eliot Ave and 78th Street. No injuries were reported but the incident made a lot of noise and rattled some homes.
Also on 5/2, Johan Antney, 26, Dashawn Tejada, 26, and Shaqueel Walker, 25, none of whom live in the area, were arraigned on counts of conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery, and using firearms during crimes of violence. This also stems from the robbery and shooting of Knicks player Cleanthony Early in Maspeth back in December 2015.
5/3/17 – 52#s on 69th Street approximately 8:40 pm – entry made through front door, electronics taken.
5/4/17 – 52 #s on 69th Street, side door, approximately 8:40 pm (same as above), nothing taken.
5/9/17 – At approximately 10:30 am on 51st Road between 66th Street and 65th Place, a female was leaving her home when two male Hispanics tried to grab her purse. When she refused to relinquish it they dragged her and sprayed her with pepper spray. When her nephew came out to help her he was pepper sprayed too. They ran off without the purse. The investigation continues.
5/11/17 – 73 #s on 53rd Avenue, no time reported, rear door, cash, jewelry and a hard drive stolen.
5/12/17 – At about 11:30am, two men pepper-sprayed a senior and tried to steal her handbag on 66th Street off Maurice Avenue. Both pepper spray incidents were likely committed by the same perp. Please be alert at all times.
5/14/17 – We began alerting the public to a rental scam being perpetrated by a con artist in the Maspeth section. He targets Polish speaking residents. If you see this person or know of his whereabouts, please contact us immediately.
5/15/17 – 14-year old Nicholas Naumann of Middle Village, a student at Christ the King High School, was critically injured crossing Metropolitan Avenue at 69th Street around 4:30 p.m. Csaba Erdohati, a 33-year-old male, remained at the scene and was taken into custody and charged with operating a vehicle without a license.
Also on 5/15, there was a house burglary in the vicinity of 52nd Ave and 69th Street.
5/23/17 – Officers Karolina Ostrowka and Charles Sadler attended JPCA's first ever bilingual English-Polish civic meeting, answering residents questions about public safety and in the process received a great tip about the habits of a suspect we are trying to locate.
At 2:30pm the same day, at Queens Midtown Expressway and 74th Street, three males pointed a toy gun at a motorist who happened to be a retired correction officer. The correction officer called 911, followed the vehicle, cut it off and held the three males until NYPD responded. Two of the males live in Middle Village and the third lives in Bayside. Their ages are 28, 18 and 17.
5/30/17 – At the 52#s on 69th Street, another burglary occurred between the hours of 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Entry was made through the front basement door with resultant damage to the door frame and lock.
Queens District Attorney Richard Brown announced in March that his office would turn $20M over to the NYPD to support neighborhood policing. The funds came from seized assets and were to be distributed across the 16 precincts of Queens and the police academy.
The breakdown is as follows:
Vehicles – $11,291,214
Tablets – $2,709,582
Automated External Defibrillators – $1,997,347
Flashlights – $1,587,500
Training Mats – $336,025
License Plate Readers – $127,973
Maintenance Contract – $99,250
Computer Hardware/Software – $57,774
Mannequins and Accessories – $51,693
Continuing Education – $435,000
Driver Trainer Simulators – $60,326
Upgraded Gun Holsters – $1,638,180