Greetings to all members of the Juniper Park Civic Association, we hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and is having a great start as we make our way through 2022.

Before we speak on any updates, we would like to thank all those who sent their deepest condolences and well wishes as the NYPD mourns the loss of Detective Rivera and Detective Mora. These tragedies show the dangers Police Officers face every day serving our great city.

We are proud to report that in 2021, the 104th Precinct experienced a 7% decrease in overall major index crimes. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the members of the NYPD working in the precinct in partnership with all members of the 104th Precinct community.

Unfortunately, as we start 2022, we have experienced a 23% increase in crime. This disturbing trend is occurring citywide. In Middle Village and Maspeth, within the last 28 days, crime is up 88% and 56%, respectively. Just know that this increase in crime is unacceptable in the 104th Precinct. We will continually deploy officers in problematic areas and implement crime suppression strategies to reverse this trend. As we continue to combat the recent surge in crime, our officers and detectives have effected arrests of perpetrators responsible for robberies, burglaries, grand larcenies, catalytic converter thefts, car break-ins and shoplifting. We will continue to have a constant presence in the community as we strive for public safety and improved quality of life for all.

We are proud to say, in the month of January PO Defreitas (pictured) & PO Keller from the 104th Precinct arrested three individuals who were in the process of stealing catalytic converters from numerous vehicles in Maspeth. Officers were able to tactically approach the location, without any of the perpetrators fleeing the scene, resulting in the arrest of all three individuals. With catalytic converter thefts on the rise across NYC, we urge you to get your vehicle etched. Contact our Crime Prevention Officer for more details—PO Hyatt 718-386-6223.

We are seeing an increase in robberies involving social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List and Let Go. Please consider meeting at a public place during daylight hours or the nearest precinct if you are planning to purchase or sell an item.

We thank the members of the community for the continuous support of the NYPD and the 104th Precinct. We hope everyone is staying healthy as we make our way out of this pandemic. We urge everyone to continue to call 911 or make officers aware when they see something that shouldn’t be or may not look right. As we always say, community and policing go hand in hand, and we will continue to work towards a better community.