Hello again, everyone.We made it through a summer we’ll never forget and one that surely none of us wishes to repeat. TI’d like to thank artist Scott LoBaido for giving us permission to use his artwork on the cover of this magazine. It symbolizes that we need unity now more than ever. It’s all hands on deck! Please fill out the census if you have not already completed it. If you are not registered to vote, please do so and participate in theNovember 3rd election. The future of our borough and country depends on it. Pay special attention to the Queens Borough President race. The winner of the Democratic primary,Donovan Richards, is matched up against Republican Joann Ariola. I’m voting for Joann because she has government and healthcare experience and understands the ongoing challenges facing our communities. Donovan Richards, currently a southeastern Queens council member, was invited multiple times to address our membership but never respond-ed. We certainly don’t need someone who has written off our neighborhoods to be elected to serve them.On November the Third, make your voice heard.