A Lawsuit Between Farm Owners of Middle Village. 

John Sutter of Middle Village in the town of Newtown has begun an action in the Supreme Court to enjoin Mrs. Mary K. Monteverde and William S. Monteverde, her husband, and this morning Mr. Sutter’s counsel, ex Judge W. K. Slocum, obtained from Judge Cullen an order to show cause why an injunction should not issue returnable on Saturday. It appears that a water course runs through property owned by both parties. Mr. Sutter alleges that the defendants are damming the water, so that he has an over-supply, which is rapidly turning into a lake what he desires should be a farm. Mr. Sutter says he rented the land to a person who objects strongly to the abundance of water on the ground, that he doesn’t want to cut ice, but does want to raise a supply of cabbage. – Brooklyn Times Union, November 13, 1888