Maspeth Saloonkeeper Would Not Falsify when Charged with Excise Law Violation.

In the Flushing police court yesterday Magistrate Fitch discovered a violator of the excise law who
insisted on telling the truth. He was John Mathews, proprietor of a saloon in Maspeth. The policemen testified that they had entered Mathews’ place of business on the Sabbath day and had obtained two glasses of lager beer and paid for them. When questioned, Mathews answered, “Sure, I did it.”

Fearing that the defendant did not understand English, Judge Fitch called his wife Mrs. Mathews, and asked her if her husband wanted to be understood as pleading guilty to the charge. She responded: “My husband sold the beer and obtained money for it. There is no use of lying about it.” Magistrate Fitch held Mathews for the Court of Special Sessions and congratulated him for being so truthful.