Mangled mess of metal
We can only imagine the accident that caused this mess on 74th Street and 57th Avenue. The fence is mangled and really needs to be fixed. In addition, there is a stray shopping cart lingering about. We suggest that both the mangled metal and the wagon be removed ASAP and the fence can be replaced at a later time.

The problem with pavers
It is a property owner’s responsibility to maintain the sidewalk in front of their home or business. As evidenced by the condition of this one on 69th Street, pavers are not a good choice of material, especially near tree roots. This tripping hazard needs to be corrected, pronto.

Bioswale blunder
Bioswales could be a powerful tool to combat area flooding, as they were meant to absorb excess runoff. However, they can’t do their job effectively if they become nothing more than trash pits. There are special maintenance crews that care for all of the bioswales. If you observe a problem with a bioswale, you may contact the City by calling 311 or emailing If you call 311 make sure to use terms like “ROW Bioswale” and “green infrastructure” so that the dispatcher can direct you correctly.